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Author of witty romantic suspense titles including Prey For Me, Changing Sky and A Man Around The House, TR Fischer grew up in and around Boulder, Colorado. As the ninth of ten girls born to a nurse and a firefighter, day to day life was brimming with estrogen-laced drama, thrilling firefighting stories and hospital tales.

An avowed tomboy, TR wanted nothing to do with the drama some of her sisters cooked up. Her main interest was real-life adventure. When she wasn’t in school, she was busy exploring every street and back alley in what she viewed as the tiny kingdom of Boulder. Her insatiable curiosity and penchant for adventure took her all over town on her bike and occasionally on the double decker buses that frequented Pearl Street not far from her home.

In her early years, TR’s favorite weekend hangout was the Boulder Public Library, where she joined characters in stories as they escaped pirates, solved mysteries, and ran away from home to live in museums. She would get caught up in the tale and imagine that she too could perform similar feats. At the end of the day, she would race her bike home just in time for dinner and her parents and sisters would be none the wiser.

Life in a family of twelve involved things like fighting for a turn to read the Sunday comics, washing dishes—lots and lots of them—and trips to the grocery store that required two carts. TR’s passion that bordered on obsession was playing practical jokes on her siblings and schoolmates, something she admits she hasn’t grown out of. She considered it her sacred duty to pass the torch on to two of her children who share the same genetic predisposition. They are now fully trained Jedi masters in the art of pranking and TR considers it one of her life’s crowning achievements.

Since sitting and listening to lectures wasn’t her forte, she had no desire to commit to another four years of that by attending college, so she opted for trade school. Afterward she spent a short stint as a cosmetologist in an upscale Boulder salon where she apprenticed under a man from Germany who taught her hair design. That experience provided plenty of book fodder!

After a fall from a horse made that kind of work impossible, she transitioned to banking. (Insert yawn here.) After getting fired as a bank teller (insert cheers here), she followed her then-fiancee to California where he planned to attend graduate school. The pair sampled life in various parts of the state before returning to Colorado after their eldest child got cancer and their medical insurer went bankrupt.

TR has always loved a good story and once all the kids were in school, she got the bug to put pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard, as it were—and write some of her own. Ever the boot-strapper, TR made her own way, taking classes and devouring books on writing until, after several years, Prey For Me was born. TR’s ensuing books had a much shorter incubation time.

Now that her four children are out of the house, she is living a new dream, somehow balancing writing with raising bison and running a rustic wedding venue alongside her husband on their ranch outside Denver. Adventurous couples can tie the knot as bison roam in the foreground of a stunning panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains. Every day is an adventure, on and off the page.